Raleigh Granite & Marble Order Process

With years of expertise backing the Geo's Marble & Granite name, you can expect your customized product in as little as 3-5 business days. Because we house the raw materials in our workshop and warehouse, we can custom fabricate your pieces for you without the expense of a middleman or pricey shipping for heavy materials.

Plus, by cutting out the middleman and the extra shipping costs, you pay a fraction of what you would with other companies. Save valuable time and money, while getting the best products and service, by working with Geo's Marble & Granite.

Order Process        Measurement        Pre-Install Checklist

Order Process

  • Customer contacts Geo's Marble & Granite
  • Estimate is done
  • Customer chooses granite slab
  • Contract is signed and deposit is made
  • Measurement process
  • Fabrication schedule
  • Installation schedule
  • Installation is performed in 2-8 hours
  • Job is received, final payment is due.

Measurement Process

  • Customer calls Geo's Marble & Granite for measurement appointment
  • Geo's Marble & Granite measures within 2-3 days of call for measurement
  • Geo's Marble & Granite checks levels for walls, cabinets etc..
  • Templates prepared for custom shapes
  • Customer final approval. Contract signed and deposit made
  • Countertop installation within 14 business days.

Pre-Install Checklist

To help us be efficient and allow you to enjoy your new natural stone that much quicker, please take a moment to go through this helpful checklist.

Disconnect all plumbing.

Before we arrive to install, all sinks, faucets and disposals must be disconnected so we can lift out the sink successfully.

Disconnect the gas.

Before we arrive, disconnect the gas range or cook top so we can move it or lift it out as needed.

Disconnect all electrical wiring.

Before we arrive, disconnect the range, cook top or vent if hardwired.

Remove the microwave.

Before we arrive, if we had previously planned to install a backsplash, remove the microwave from the countertop.

Clear off all countertops.

Before we arrive, countertops must be completely free of personal items and any removable appliances.

Considerations BEFORE the Template Stage

Your new natural stone surfaces will be cut precisely to the agreed layout of the template. Before that crucial stage, please make sure we are informed of all decisions that might impact the final design of the template. Some of the more common changes are listed below.

Are you planning to purchase new appliances?

To ensure proper fit, we MUST know the exact dimensions of any new or updated appliances and any changes to the overall layout prior to the template stage.

Are you planning to purchase new faucets?

So we can ensure exact drill hole placement and size, inform us of your plans before the template stage. You MUST have the new faucets available at the time of install. Note: For any drill work post-install, there will be a trip charge applied.

Are you planning to purchase a new sink outside of our inventory?

We carry a basic selection of sinks; however, we are more than happy to work with other products to achieve the look you desire. If you are planning to provide your own sink, we MUST know before the template stage. Your new sink MUST be on site at the template stage. Our expert template designer will then take your sink into the shop to ensure the proper cut-out for a precise fit.

Are you planning to remove tile, flush shelving or make any other changes that might impact the fit of the stone?

If you are planning to make any changes that may impact the width or length of your countertops, make sure it is removed BEFORE the template stage to ensure the proper cut-out.

– All decisions MUST be final at the template stage. –

Once the template is complete there cannot be any changes.

Note: We are not responsible for plumbing, gas, or electrical work. We can provide you with a trusted list of providers if you are in need of any of these services.

Just as a reminder, faucets and strainers are not included with any of the sinks we sell. You are responsible for the separate purchase of these accessories.

If you have any questions or concerns throughout the process, don’t hesitate to call us. We value your opinions and input in helping you achieve the results of your dreams!

If you are looking for a Raleigh granite and marble contractor, then please call 919-699-4716 or complete our online request form

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