Are Granite Kitchen Countertops Right For You?

kitchen countertopsBefore making important choices about your kitchen remodeling, you need to have all the information. One of the key aspects of your kitchen design is your countertop. While everyone thinks that they want granite for their kitchen countertops, few people actually do any research. Simply making a decision based on how something looks is not the best idea. For one thing, granite is one of the most expensive options and it also requires care and maintenance. So it is essential to actually understand what you are getting yourself into before moving forward with this choice.

Understanding the Benefits of Granite

Even families who are not well versed in the culinary arts still consider the kitchen an important room. This is fast becoming the most popular meeting spot for households. It tends to be an area where loved ones come together to grab a snack and then discuss how their day went. It is important to create a visually pleasing space and one that is warm and inviting. One of the tips to making this possible is by using granite for the countertops. You may be wondering if there are any other possible benefits to using this natural stone for the counters in your kitchen.


- Since this is a stone, and one that gets a special seal, granite is ideal for durability. You can use this for countertops and put it through some wear and tear, while maintaining the integrity.

Property value

- It should come as no surprise that adding granite to your home in any way, shape or form will help increase the property value. Granite is the most desirable type of countertop material, so adding this to your home is bound to increase the value and the appeal.

Heat Resistant

- This is the ideal kitchen counter material to use so that you can simply place hot pots and pans directly on the granite. Obviously, it is a good idea to make it a practice of using a buffer between these items and your counter, but if you find yourself in need of directly placing your hot items on the counter, you can.

Safer from bacteria

- Once sealed, granite is a non-porous surface so you do not have to worry about dirt or bacteria taking hold. Although you should still make it common practice to clean and wipe down this surface to avoid any build up, and keep it looking good, you have less concern for bacteria growth.

Care and maintenance

- On that same note, granite is often preferred because it requires less care and maintenance than other countertop alternatives. If you want to keep it in good shape and ensure that it looks good, you will need to care for it.

Natural beauty

- What is stunning about granite is its natural pattern, which also means no two slabs are alike. Enjoy the warm rich look knowing yours is unique to any other piece out there.

Let the Pros Help You

When you make the wise choice to partner with the team of experts here at Geo's Marble & Granite, Inc. you will get the advice and feedback you need. With years of professional expertise backing us up, you can feel good knowing your satisfaction is our number one priority. This means that you can even get your customized product in as little as 3-5 business days. You should never settle for less than the best when it comes to every detail that goes into your home. Let us provide you with the quality workmanship and products you deserve. Call now to begin your project.

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