Why Get Your Marble, Granite, & Quartz From Fabricators Like Us

granite counter tops If you are getting ready to remodel and you want to find the perfect natural stone for your countertops, your best bet is to get it directly from a local fabricator. You do have other choices such as getting the stone through a tile store, but you just don't get the same benefits as you would from a fabricator like Geo's Marble & Granite in Raleigh, NC. Here's why:

You Get To See Real Slabs

A custom granite and marble fabricator like us will either have a warehouse or storage grounds that are stocked full of real slabs which came directly from the quarry. A picture or a few tiles as examples just isn't going to give you the opportunity to pick the exact slab of natural stone you want. Every slab is totally unique with varying details that make it special. You get to see the real colors and patterns up close when you choose your granite or marble from a fabricator like us.

Those Tile & Countertop Stores -We Fabricate For Them!

When you go in to buy stone from a store that does not fabricate, a fabricator must cut and polish the stone for them before they can install it for you. You may not realize that they are a middleman in the process. Sure, we enjoy doing work for these companies that install your countertops and floors, but we also work directly with customers too.

You Get Better Prices

Since we get our marble and granite directly from the quarry, you don't have to deal with marked-up prices for the natural stone you want to install in your home or business. You will always get a better deal from a natural stone fabricator. Just check it out and you'll see.

We Install Too

Most fabricators also install the stone countertops, walls, or floor tiles too. We do, so customers get everything they need to improve their home in one place with no middle-man involved. We and other fabricators also offer sinks and other hardware to complete the project. Once we install your natural stone, we seal the surface to protect it. All the way around, you get more when you go to a custom granite and marble fabricator in your area. If you live in or around Raleigh, come by to take a look at our beautiful stone slabs. You can also reach us by calling 919-699-4716 or completing our .

If you are looking for marble countertops in Raleigh, NC, please call 919-699-4716 or fill out our online contact form.

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