Carrboro Granite Countertops

When it comes to getting the right look for your home, nothing beats granite countertops in Carrboro, NC. And when it comes to finding the right team to work with in order to get the job done, the only name that you need to know is Geo’s Marble & Granite. If you are designing your dream home or remodeling your current house, you simply can’t go wrong with granite countertops, or any natural stone choice, for a variety of details in your home. From counters to backsplashes you will love the look, as well as the increase in property value, that you can expect to enjoy when it comes to adding our natural stone products to your home.

Our Carrboro granite and marble experts will customize the products you choose to your specifications, right down to the exact perfect measurements. We believe that everyone should get a chance to enjoy these stunning materials in their home. Plus, because we keep our own warehouse stocked with these natural stones, you can usually get your own order filled and delivered in as little as 3-5 business days. This enables you to enjoy your finished natural stone products quicker, as well as be able to cut out the middleman, whether you want a tile backsplash or granite countertops in Carrboro.

granite countertops Carrboro nc

Granite & Marble in Carrboro

There are certainly plenty of reasons to love natural stone. For one thing, Carrboro granite and marble are durable materials ideal for taking the wear and tear that comes from being used as a kitchen or bathroom countertop. It can withstand both moisture and heat; both things that come from being used in either of these two rooms. With proper sealant, you can easily maintain your granite and marble and expect to get years, if not decades, of use from these surfaces.

The best part is that you can enjoy these surfaces while also knowing that you are increasing the property value of your home. Enhance the look, get peak performance and even consider this an investment, not an expense. Get in touch with our pros here at Geo’s Marble & Granite right now so that you can be taking advantage of these natural stones, in your own home in Carrboro, NC, in just a matter of days.

Carrboro Bathroom Countertops

Our stunning counters are not just for kitchens; you will love the look of the bathroom countertop in Carrboro, NC that we are able to create for you. We look forward to working with you and showing you all of the exciting options that you have to choose from. Don’t take chances by settling for anything less than the best; let Geo’s Marble & Granite show you the options you have for your Carrboro granite countertops, and more.

See What Customers in Carrboro are Saying About Us

“We used Geo’s Marble & Granite for our kitchen and bath remodel. The owner, George, was amazing in helping us decide what colors to go with since this was our first time dealing with granite. My wife and I met him on a Saturday morning as our schedules are just too hectic during the week. He was more than happy to open the showroom to help us. We brought our cabinet sample to aid in choosing the perfect color and George helped us by pointing out several popular options that would match our cabinets. He let us look at every color of granite, he has many variations and levels to choose from, and answered all our questions as we decided on which one would work for us. We decided that day to go with a beautiful granite, Delicatus Extra, that matched our off-white cabinets perfectly. Following that meeting, my wife and I searched for the tile flooring we wanted to use and needed it to match the countertops as well. We made another Saturday appointment with George to see the granite and make our decision. We had 6 or 7 samples of tile and laid all but one, that we thought wouldn’t match, in front of the slab. None seemed just right and George suggested a white or cream travertine which happened to be the one we thought wouldn’t match. The tile was placed near the granite and George said, “That’s the one. It will look beautiful.” Well, he was 100% right; it was the PERFECT choice. He has an eye for design and thankfully steered us in the right direction. George came out to our house to measure for the countertops as my cabinet installer was finishing up. He measured and measured to get it perfect. A week later the countertops were installed and look absolutely beautiful! We couldn’t have done this without George and Geo’s Marble & Granite. If you are in the market for new countertops, please do not hesitate to use them as I am certain your experience will be the same as mine.”

Down South Carrboro, NC | Rated: 5/5

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