Quartzite Countertops For Your Raleigh Home

When Raleigh residents update their homes, kitchen and bathroom renovations top the list. These remodels tend to produce a high return on investment and increase property value. Our design experts can educate you on the differences between quartzite countertops and other popular options like granite.

quartzite countertops

What Are Quartzite Countertops?

When sandstone undergoes a metamorphic process with high heat and pressure, it creates a beautiful natural stone known as quartzite. As a result, this is a highly durable stone, and our clients love it because of its natural variations.

Most of our customers are familiar with granite, marble, and even quartz; however, quartzite is another stunning option for bathroom and kitchen countertops. If you want to learn more about quartzite and how it might perform in your home, you can contact our skilled design team.

Characteristics of Quartzite Countertops

  • Strength – Quartzite is a popular option over granite or quartz for Raleigh homeowners. Quartzite is a harder stone that can resist heat well (but some protective measures are still needed). As a natural stone, it can be prone to chipping, scratching, and denting. However, with regular use, it will remain in good condition for years to come if it is not exposed to heavy impacts.
  • Maintenance – Quartzite countertops are typically sealed to prevent damage (specifically staining) before use. They usually need to be resealed at least once a year after the initial installation. Although countertops are relatively easy to maintain, it’s best to clean up spills immediately, using a damp towel and pH-balanced dish soap. It’s also best to avoid abrasive cleaners that can remove the sealant.
  • Appearance – We are proud to provide our customers with a wide range of color options for quartzite countertops. The most popular range of color options includes neutral shades of white, brown, and gray. Some clients appreciate that the presence of oxide can create red and pink hues, and other materials can even produce shades of green, blue, orange, or yellow.
  • Price – The price range of quartzite is typically higher than granite and marble, due to its hardness and durability. Higher end quartzites often contain crystal, making for a stunning showpiece in your home.

Quartzite Currently In-Stock

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